HPC to Publish New Book on Terrorism's Impact on Globalism

June 29, 2016 — Print this Page

History Publishing Company has agreed to publish Terry Turchieís next book.Not yet titled, the book will deal with the political direction America is taking in response to the planned drive of the globalists and the unexpected rise of terrorism.

Terry Turchie is the co-author of several award winning books. His titles include Hunting the American Terrorist; Homeland Insecurity: How Washington Politicians Have Made America Less Safe; Unabomber, How the FBI Broke its Own Rules to Capture the Terrorist Ted Kaczynski; í and Breaking Iraq: The Ten Mistakes that Broke Iraq.

He is a retired Assistant Deputy Director of the Counter Terrorism Division of the FBI and the recipient of the Attorney Generalís Medal for Distinguished Service in both counter intelligence and counter terrorism.He was also the Unit Director of the Force that captured Ted Kaczynski.

Printed from the History Publishing Company website, visit http://historypublishingco.com .

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