Getting to understand the mindset of the Jihadi

March 22, 2016 — Print this Page

In the aftermath of the horrific ISIS attack on Brussels, KT McFarland a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs under President Ronald Reagan and a security analyst for Fox News said today on Fox News that the Jihadi are always one step ahead of us, we must learn how the jihadi thinks to reverse that trend. In that spirit, History Publishing Company is making available to the general public at a specially reduced price, the e-book iGuerilla: Reshaping the Face of War in the 21st Century, the book that explains how the jihadi do think and how to defeat them.

The author John Sutherland is a Senior Analyst for the U.S. Defense Department and a retired Lt. Col,U.S. Army.He served with the Rangers fighting the jihadi in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When the e-book is posted in the nine portals through which HPC distributes,a connective link will be provided on this site.

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