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October 18, 2013 — Print this Page

This review by Gail Powers (c)2013

If I titled this book anything, it would be “How America Lived”. Unlike today’s wars, on the surface people don’t seem to be affected in their day-to-day lives, but WWII seemingly changed life as people knew it on the home front. Rationing was put into effect, the farms geared up for higher output despite the lack of civilian labor, and people were forced to change their eating habits due to necessity. Victory gardens popped up everywhere, canning was very popular, and meatless meals were often the norm.

SPAM was introduced. I never quite understood this, but even after the war was long over I had relatives who actually liked the stuff. This book managed to rekindle for me all the stories I heard about rationing and deprivation and the ingenuity of people trying to get by when everything was in short supply due to the massive war effort.

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