Bullets and Bread, The World War II Story of Feeding Americans at Home and on the Battlefield

September 3, 2013 — Print this Page

Dan Clarke reviews Bullets and Bread on his website. Here is what he has to say:

“History buffs will have read all about how the U.S. rolled up its sleeves after Pearl Harbor and produced the weaponry necessary to defeat the Axis powers... But what about a different, but no less critical, need of the military? Much less is known about the production of food during the war years. Food would have to be packaged and stored, then transported to the personnel who would ultimately consume it. But first it needed to be prepared and served. Few readers in our current era will have first hand knowledge of the subject, though many have heard stories from fathers and grandfathers. It’s likely those conversations may have included references to K-rations, SPAM and the colorfully defined ‘S.O.S.’ Not many of these Americans were likely to speak glowingly of the chow they were fed while in uniform. They were young men living away from home, often in miserable conditions.”

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