Library Journal and Defying Evil

April 23, 2012 — Print this Page

Library Journal (04/15/2012):
During the Holocaust, nearly 80 percent—or about 30,000—of the Jewish population of Croatia (which included today’s Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina) were murdered. But the Italian army, located in one zone of Croatia, which was elsewhere occupied by Germany, provided a ray of hope for some Jews. Wood, a high school history teacher with an advanced degree in international and comparative politics, explores this little-known and unusual aspect of the Holocaust. Wood details the heroic efforts of minor Italian functionaries in aiding Croatian Jews. He moves from the particulars of specific Italian military efforts to a broader overview, e.g., exploring the attitudes of Italian dictator Mussolini and his fascist government. To understand why the Italian army was sympathetic to the Jews, the author explores how anti-Semitism was not as pervasive or endemic in Italian society as it was in German culture. VERDICT For general readers interested in learning about this aspect of World War II....

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