Reversing America’s Decline New Book Presents Thomas Jefferson’s Remedy

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“America is in a state of crisis,” Neal Herrick writes in his Preface in his forthcoming book, Reversing America’s Dec;ine-Jefferson’s Remedy. “It is declining politically, economically and morally. …it is not part of an inevitable cycle. It could have been avoided and it can be reversed. “ In his book he brings timely advice to an American citizenry uncertain about the America of tomorrow .

It is no surprise to those who study history that every great nation is subject to decline and that America is on the precipice. The founding fathers of America, perhaps not seeing the remarkable greatness of America in the centuries ahead, but cognizant of human nature, were aware that in America’s future, the need to adjust to change would be a necessity. Thomas Jefferson, not alone in such perspective, was prominent among them.

Neal Herrick, in his new book, due January 14, brings Jefferson’s thoughts on the Constitution to life and how the American people can follow the Constitution and reverse America’s decline. “The Constitution’s principles have been violated, altered and torn to shreds by all three branches of the federal government, Herrick says, “and it would be contrary to the interests of federal officials, individually and collectively, to revert to the principles of the Constitution as it was written. The people do have the inherent power to reverse matters.” His forthcoming book is not just a call to rally, it is a guide to resolution.

Neal Q. Herrick had a career in industrial relations received his undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire, his doctorate in industrial relations from Union Graduate School and has retired from the University of Michigan as a visiting professor.

Reversing America’s Decline-Jefferson’s Remedy 9781933909592, 9781933909943(E-Book) will be published January 14, 2914 by the History Publishing Company and will be in bookstores nationally and in the United Kingdom, and on e-book portals globally.

Contact: Don Bracken,, (Tel) 845-398-8161. Pre-pub review copies now available to accredited members of the media.

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