Definitive FBI Book Set for April 3rd Pub Date

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UNABOM: Breaking the Rules and Changing the FBI by Jim Freeman, Terry Turchie and Max Noel will be published on April 3, 2014 by History Publishing Company.

The story of the way the FBI was forced to change its methods of operation to capture Theodore Kaczynski, the notorious Unabomber, provides a fascinating look into the Bureau itself and the three individuals charged with leading the investigation and capture of the notorious terrorist after the Bureau’s 18 years of frustration.

The authors are Jim Freeman, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI, San Francisco, reporting directly to FBI Director Louis Freeh; Terry Turchie, designated by Freeman as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Unabom Task Force; and Max Noel, a Unabom Task Force supervisor and the agent who developed the arrest plan that led to the safe capture of Theodore Kaczynski. The three collaborated to write the definitive work on the man long considered to be the most notorious lone wolf terrorist in American history.

“History Publishing Company is proud to have been selected to publish this important work,” said Publisher Don Bracken, “This is much more than the definitive work of the pursuit and capture of the Unabomber which in itself will put it in an important place on the American bookshelf, but it is also a fascinating look at the way an important and historic governmental organization, steeped in tradition, realized that the need for change was necessary and made it to achieve their goal.”

The authors are retired from the FBI and reside on the West Coast. Jim Freeman resides in Tiburon, California, Terry Turchie in Danville, California and Max Noel in San Ramon, California. Terry Turchie is also the co-author of two award winning books: Homeland Insecurity and Hunting the American Terrorist. He also co-authored Breaking Iraq with retired US Army Colonel Ted Spain.

UNABOM: Breaking the Rules and Changing the FBI 9781940773018 will be published by The History Publishing Company on April 3, 2014, the eighteenth anniversary of the capture of Theodore Kaczynski. Review copies will be available to accredited members of the media.
Contact Thomas Ryan for review copies and author interviews., 845-398-8161

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