The greatest generation bites the biscuit

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Sept. 3, 2013

Bullets and Bread
World War II Story of Feeding Americans at Home and on the Battlefield – Here for review

The greatest generation bites the biscuit in Bullets and Bread by Kent Whitaker, the new book that takes the reader back to World War II and what the people did at home to feed themselves and the troops at war. Recently published by the History Publishing Company on March 26, 2013, author Kent Whitaker, a food expert and historian, shows how the nation transformed the entire food industry, almost overnight, in order to feed a military that burgeoned from 750,000 to 11,000,000 and the families at home suddenly undergoing a rationing of a limited food supply.

Bullets and Bread serves up a menu of topics from a look at the transformation of the food industry in the United States to what troops ate on D-Day in Normandy and Okinawa, sailors digested in submarines and on destroyers, and the limited fare with which American presidents, generals and British royalty had to deal. It is a World War II book rarely seen. Christine McKeever, Executive Director of the 6th Cavalry Museum, was quick to comment “There have been countless books about tanks, planes and ships during World War II.But not too many about pots, pans and S.O.S.

And it is the pots, pans and the latter that awakens voices from the past with recipes, sixty pages of them, and snapshot experiences of men and women in the mess halls, the jungles and the beaches. They bring alive the rarely seen side of the cataclysmic event of the Twentieth Century.
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