Midwest Book Review From Pigeons to Tweets

February 15, 2013 — Print this Page

From Pigeons to Tweets: A General Who Led Dramatic Changes in Military Communications is an inside testimony from Lieutenant General Clarence E. McKnight Jr. (U.S. Army-Ret), who worked his way up through the ranks to become senior commander of the Signal Corps. The revolutionary changes in the U.S military’s communications, from the carrier pigeons used in the Korean War to the modern-day explosion of digital technology. McKnight gives an eye-opening, personal viewpoint, of the transformation, making From Pigeosn to Tweets far more than an ordinary military memoir. “It is the nature of the military bureaucracy to conjure up expensive projects, write plans, conduct meetings, exchange memos and leave a host of projects lying around indefinitely like little bombs threatening to go off at the most inconvenient moments. Ogden instructed me to ferret them out, hold them up to the light and-where appropriate - consign them to the dust bin.” As engaging as it is enlightening, From Pigeons to Tweets is an absorbing read from cover to cover, highly recommended. —

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