"Breaking Iraq" -Ten Decisions that Broke Iraq Due March. 19.

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Palisades, NY February 10, 2013

Ted Spain and Terry Turchie Co-Author New Book. Foreword by Tom Ricks

Set for March 19,ten years from the day that coalition forces invaded Iraq to dethrone Saddam Hussein, the forthcoming book Breaking Iraq, the Ten Mistakes That Broke Iraq explains what went wrong. Co- authors Ted Spain the retired colonel of the 18th Military Brigade who had to bear the results of inadequate preparation by the planners in Washington and Terry Turchie, the retired FBI Deputy Assistant Director who has previously written about political ineptitude in Washington, focus on the ten decisions that cost the American- led coalition forces a timely victory resulting in an endless prolongation of the conflict.

The Foreword is by Pulitzer Prize Author Tom Ricks. “This is an important book because it gives the unvarnished account of one brigade commander’s tour of duty in Baghdad during the tumultuous first year of the American occupation there,” Ricks writes, “from it the reader will learn much about what went wrong in Iraq.”

And what went wrong is condensed by the authors to ten decisions ranging from the inadequate deployment plans to the hidden weakness of the coalition of the “unwilling.” In between the authors go behind the headlines and acquaint the reader with political opportunists, inept general officers and the Washington bureaucrats “whose decisions caused severe, adverse ramifications.”

Col. Ted Spain, a retired career Army officer, commanded the 18th Military Police Brigade during the invasion of Iraq and spent the following year supervising police operations in Baghdad.

Former Assistant Deputy Director Terry Turchie FBI (ret) is the author of the multi-award winning Homeland Insecurity: How Washington Politicians Have Made America Less Safe.
Breaking Iraq will be published by History Publishing Company and will be in bookstores nationally on March 18,

Printed from the History Publishing Company website, visit http://historypublishingco.com .

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