No Fires in Hell! Who Says So?

March 19, 2012 — Print this Page

Who says there are no fires in Hell? The United States Marine Corps, thats who, they should know they run the place, but they call it something else. They named it Boot Camp.

Patrick Turley walked, ran and double-timed through the place and captured it in his forthcoming book Welcome to Hell! Three and a Half Months of Marine Corps Boot Camp. From the moment the drill instructor said Welcome to Hell! Turley and his fellow recruits felt a sense of foreboding that proved well founded. The author, who endured and survived the foreboding, looks back and captures those anxious times with a sharp line for detail and a smile for the people, DIs and all, who shared the three and a half months.

Former Marine and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright John Patrick Shanley, after reading a draft of Welcome to Hell, put it in complete perspective Its great to have gone to Marine Corps boot camp. Its terrible to be in Marine Corps boot camp. Its fun to read about Marine Corps boot camp.

Welcome to Hell: Three and a Half Months of Marine Corps Boot Camp ISBN 9781933909219, Chronology Books imprint of History Publishing Company, will be in bookstores August 15. Advance review copies are now available.

Patrick Turley did his three and a half months in San Diego, served in the Marine Corps for five years, rose to the rank of sergeant and served overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida.

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