Birth Control, White House and the Catholic Church

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Many Eyes Will Turn to Rome amid Controversy with White House and Archbishop Dolan.Recent book gives understanding the Vatican to American non-Catholics

Many American eyes will turn to Rome next week when Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, the standard bearer for the Catholic Church in the current birth control controversy and a cardinal designate, will be addressing the College of Cardinals at Pope Benedict’s request. A unique honor, it is reflective of the particular interest and liking the Pope has for the United States and raises speculation that Dolan may be the next and first American pope.The eyes of Rome will undoubtedly be closely focused on Dolan.

Such speculation can only stir public curiosity as to how the power structure in the Vatican actually works. Robert Illing, the charge d’affairs who set up the U.S Embassy in the Vatican in the Ford administration, came by necessity, to know how that power was wielded and by whom. He wrote of it in his recently reviewed book America and the Vatican in the November, 2011 review in Foreign Service Journal, the official organ of the American Foreign Service. Reviewer Damian Leader said of Illing’s book “.this is an important firsthand account of a largely unrecorded chapter in modern U.S. diplomacy…an important firsthand account of a largely unrecorded chapter in modern U.S. diplomacy.”

In the account Illing highlighted the extension to which Vatican officials went to create a positive relationship with the new American diplomatic office. Through the quiet extension of courtesies, Illing saw brought to life, the colorful pageantry, lifestyle, and diplomatic maneuverings and manners of the Vatican that made events happen and the installations of power occur.

The Catholic Church is in the forefront of the news because of the controversy over birth control, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York the cardinal designate who will be the voice of the Church in the United States will be functioning in close harmony with Rome. Indications point to a strong resistance by the Catholic Church to President Obama’s “Accomodation” and the link between Rome and New York will be vibrant. Those Americans not familiar with the Church will come to better know how it works in Robert Illing’s America and the Vatican. It brings to the reader an understanding of how things in America are dealt with in Rome.

America and the Vatican, 9781933909691, January, 2011 is available in bookstores nationally.
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