The Christmas Book That Could Did, Best Seller on Christmas Day

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Palisades, NY Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On Christmas Day, author Matthew Litt got a Christmas present he may long remember. His book, Christmas 1945, got into the chosen ranks of the top 100 books on Barnes and It had entered the market, barely noticed, in early December but for some regional press finding it. The History Channel Club found the regional press and went with it two days before Christmas. And then NPR on Christmas Eve aired an interview with Litt. Together they found the eyes and ears of that remarkable generation who do remember the very special Christmas referred to as “The Greatest Celebration in American History” and Christmas 1945 climbed the chart.

But Matt Litt, age 32, is hardly a member of the greatest generation. An attorney dealing in white collar crime, he escaped his day job by researching Christmas and realized he had come upon an interesting, little- known niche in American history. It might even make a book so he culled newspaper files and built one. The press became a vital part of that remarkable celebration and his Christmas book started to grow.

The 1945 holiday was a confluence of gratitude, reunion, spirituality and good will. The information flow then was provided solely by wire connected newspapers that brought homes, communities, and towns together. When the hearts of American citizens were tapped for their intrinsic goodness, it was the newspaper, ever on hand for a good human interest story,that enthusiastically reported it. Numerous streams of affection, love, and “good will toward men” were brought to public attention by the press sharing the nation’s abundant Christmas spirit with its readers. Litt’s book is about that special Christmas, when reaching out to the less fortunate, the grieving, and the wounded, played a larger role than opening a present under a tree.

The press at the time caught it, reported it and the nation shared it. Litt caught it too, reports it in Christmas 1945 and one more time, in 2010, some in the nation had the good fortune to share it.

Many did on Christmas Day.

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