Borders Adds "Christmas 1945" to Holiday List

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Palisades, NY Thursday, October 28, 2010

List for New Christmas Book Continues to Grow,
Borders Adds Name

Borders has joined Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Follett Library Services, Amazon ,Unique Books, the BPDI Corporation and numerous independent books stores, adding Christmas 1945 to its holiday list. The new book by Matthew Litt tells the story of the first Christmas after World War II which was a four day weekend celebration across the nation and in military bases around the world.

The greatest celebration the nation had ever known, the four day Christmas weekend drew people together in towns, cities and hamlets across the country and resulted in the greatest traffic jam the nation had known, prompting both the Illinois and Indiana governors to call out the National Guard. Matthew Litt captures the remarkable occasion that occurred 65 years ago in his forthcoming book, Christmas 1945.

“The Christmas of 1945 was incredibly beautiful and embodied the sprit of Christmas in its purest sense,” says author Matt Litt, “ War-time Christmas was a subdued, often colorless holiday. Separation, and fear for loved ones, repressed the usual feelings of joyfulness, and in 1945 gratitude replaced repression. It was a spontaneous burst of joy that grew with each day.”

The first Christmas after World War II, being on a Tuesday, prompted President Truman to initiate a four day Christmas weekend, a hiatus unique then, to the American culture. The military had Operation Magic Carpet in play returning troops and sailors home and when the pace quickened into Operation Santa Claus as the holiday approached, railroad terminals, bus stations and airports became jammed with people taking it in joyous stride. Americans reached out to each other, and with great good will and gratitude for war’s end, ignited a Christmas spirit that burst into a warm-hearted flame.

It was a holiday in which churches were packed, families reunited and the less-fortunate provided for, much of it reported by local newspapers. Using its own reportage and the dispatches provided by the wire services, the press reported, and often generated, Christmas human interest stories that enabled Americans to share with their fellows, the warmth and spiritual nature of the day.

Author Matthew Litt, is a practicing attorney, a member of the United States Supreme Court Historical Society and the Historical Society of the Courts of the State of New York.

Christmas 1945, 9781933909455, published by History Publishing Company LLC, Palisades, NY, will be in bookstores nationally on November 10, 2010.


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