New Book About Christmas in 1945 Gets Attention

October 15, 2010 — Print this Page

Palisades, NY Saturday, October 09, 2010

Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Follett Library Services, Amazon and now Unique Books order in Christmas, 1945: The Story of the Greatest Celebration in American History.

Unique Books of St. Louis, servicing the needs of librarians across the nation, has joined the growing list of companies that have ordered Christmas 1945: The Story of the Greatest Celebration in American History by Matthew Litt. Known for its high standards, Unique Books chooses titles for overall quality and timeliness and selects only one out of ten titles publishers submit.

“The selection by Unique Books is a reflection of the high quality of Christmas 1945,” said Don Bracken, publisher of History Publishing Company.” The story of that remarkable four- day weekend by Matthew Litt, is a significant contribution to the conclusion of the World War II era. It is a heart warming recollection for those who lived it, and a fascinating education for those who did not.”

Christmas 1945 is the story of the American spirit and the first Christmas after World War II. President Truman declared a four day Christmas weekend for federal employees, a hiatus unique to American culture, and America followed.

The U.S. Military launched “Operation Magic Carpet” to get tens of thousands of GI’s in Europe and Asia home for Christmas, At home, the U.S. Army and Navy launched “Operation Santa Claus” to process those thousands for discharge in time for Christmas. And with happy spirits, the veterans set out for home, clogging rail depots, bus stations and airports creating, at that time, the greatest traffic jam in the nation’s history.

In gaily lit villages, towns and cities dim during the war years, people crowded churches praying with gratitude for the peace in place and reached out to wounded veterans, children who lost fathers, and neighbors who lost sons. And newspapers, united by the wire services, connected Americans bringing to them Christmas stories and news creating a national unity based on good fellowship and the true spirit of Christmas. Matthew Litt weaves those happenings, stories and vignettes into an American holiday tapestry that recaptures a remarkable time.

Christmas 1945: The Greatest Celebration in American History 9781933909455, History Publishing company LLC, will be in bookstores nationally November.10th.


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