iGuerilla: Reshaping the Face of War in the 21st Century
John Sutherland

iGuerillas use progressive means in pursuit of regressive ends resulting in an exponentially more dangerous and lethal threat. His modern tools give him a destructive capacity that rivals many states. Internet media exploitation gives him global access to the disaffected and asocial. His religious motives are non-negotiable and his license to kill is sanctioned by Allah. His call for a primal society appeals to the cynics tired of political compromise. His pitiless mind is uncluttered by modern sensibilities and he unambiguously states what he wants and he goes after it. He is barbarous and yet is a tech savvy denizen of the modern world. He’s a schizophrenic cross between Attila the Hun and Mark Zuckerburg. He uses the best of the present to resurrect the worst of the past. John Sutherland’s book iGuerilla puts him in perspective, traces from where he came, and projects the trajectory as to where iGuerilla intends to go.


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