Jack Owens

Jack Owens

Jack Owens is a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Law and served as a special agent in the FBI for 30 years. He was actively involved in such high profile cases as the Atlanta Child Murders Case and the pipe bomb assassination of a federal appeals judge.

A veteran of the Bureau’s foreign counterintelligence efforts during the Cold War, he ran undercover operations against hostile intelligence services, worked terrorism and fugitive investigations, and was an original member of the Birmingham SWAT team. He finished his career as a recruiter of minority and female agents. He retired in 1999 and resides with his wife on Red Mountain in Birmingham, Alabama.

By This Author

Book CoverDon’t Shoot, We’re Republicans: The True Story of the FBI Agent Who Did Things His Way
How did an FBI Agent keep his cool when he was chasing down hard drinking, quick-to-the trigger bad guys in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, high stakes, international spies in Washington and a victim-seeking serial murderer in Atlanta? He used his brain and his sense of humor.


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