All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq
Miyoko Hikiji

This inaugural account, during the onset of the Global War on Terrorism, by a female National Guard soldier provides evidence of the vitality of female fighters.

It pays tribute to the two soldiers in her unit that lost their lives, and shows how love can be more vital in the desert than in water. This story exposes the comradeship, intimacy, cowardice and humor of soldiers living in physical and emotional grit.

Through the candid telling of her encounters with battle buddies, the Iraqi people and enemy prisoners of war, Hikiji adds the timely, unexpected and fresh perspective about the Iraq war that readers are thirsting for.

WATCH: Hikiji talks to KCCI in Iowa about her experiences as a woman in combat.

WATCH: Hikiji interviewed on KWCI GreatDay, January 2, 2014


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